Does Lucky bamboo give oxygen at night?

Does lucky bamboo plant give oxygen at night

Yesterday I was thinking over that should I keep my lucky bamboo plant inside or outside and If I keep it in inside will it give oxygen or carbon dioxide at night ? So I started searching the net and googling around and below is what I found.

Along with chlorophyll, oxygen is a part of lucky bamboo plants’ substances. Giving out oxygen in the environment they are in is another thing. Sure, they will receive more oxygen when they absorb lights. Since those plants are almost always placed inside a house’s rooms 24/7, the question is, “Can they give out oxygen even when there are no lights at night?”

Here, you might think “lights” as sunlights, common parts of photosynthesis. In fact, this plant have different photosynthesis processes in receiving lights to release oxygen in a room. They receive dim lights as in soft indoor LED lights much better than sunlights. So, as long as you have LED lights inside your bedrooms or living rooms, they can still give you adequate amounts of oxygen at night.

Lucky bamboo plant likes LED Light instead of direct sunlight and as long as you water a lot of them, this plant is able to release enough oxygen. Lucky bamboo plant is also known as Dracaena sanderiana is famous for the huge needs of water and moisture. To get the best amounts of oxygen, it’s best for you to water them using clean bottled water or soft tap water with as little flouride substances as possible.

Don’t forget to use well-drained soil for your lucky bamboos. The easier the plants’ soils to absorb clean water sources, the more likely they will release oxygen all over your houses’ rooms. Composts and peat mosts are some of the well-drained soils you can consider for your indoor Dracanea plant.

Having this plant also means more ways for you to get creative while getting more oxygen sources. You can bend this plant’s shape until they get enough exposures to the LED lights around your house. A house owner once shaped this plant to a wired heart shape at night that they receive more needed lights and release oxygen at the same time. Apart from the wired heart shape, you can also try the straight wire shape that goes up to the light source.

Aside from shaping your plants to make it more able to release oxygen at night, you might also want to embellish your plant with rocks, pebbles, or colorful marbles to make them more attractive. Some rocks, pebbles, or colorful marbles have shiny lights as well as colors that will help your lucky bamboo plant to achieve their unique photosynthesis process with dim lights. That way, your lucky bamboo plants will release larger portions of oxygen all over your rooms at night.

Your lucky bamboos function better inside bedrooms. Place them on top of your bedrooms’ study tables or small wooden wardrobes to make them able to sprout out oxygen sources at night, starting from your bedrooms to other rooms.

So If we take care of these things then lucky bamboo plants can easily give oxygen at night. The photosynthesis processes might be different from other green plants. As long as we water them enough, have well-drained soil, bend their shapes so they will receive more lights, and add shiny rocks to them—they would be fine.

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