Does lucky bamboo purify and improve indoor air quality ?

Does lucky bamboo purify and improve indoor air quality

Having green plants inside the house can bring a wide range of benefits. They are great for indoor décor and can freshen up the air by releasing oxygen. It was proven that the sight of green plants or green scenery calms us down. We need it in order to survive in urban environments, where concrete took the place of fields, forests, and parks. You can easily turn your home into an oasis of peace and relaxation with the help of plants. But, it is worth knowing that some plants can do more than just please your eyes. They can also purify the air inside your home, acting like real filters. Thus, the air will be cleansed and improved with oxygen, for increased comfort and better health.

Considering that the lucky bamboo is one of the most popular house plants, can it also purify and improve air quality? The lucky bamboo plant is very easy to maintain and can instantly improve the appearance of a room. But what kind of impact will it have on the air quality within a room? Because it is a green plant, the lucky bamboo will absorb carbon dioxide from the air, releasing oxygen in return. This is already a very good reason to get a green plant if you don’t already have one. Lucky bamboos don’t produce flowers, so they have minimum requirements while having a lot of leaves to serve for their carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange. However, lucky bamboos are capable of providing a higher amount of oxygen, in comparison to other types of plants. If you want to breathe air that is rich in oxygen, find room for a lucky bamboo plant in your home.

But, besides low levels of oxygen, the air within our homes can also contain toxic particles. Keeping the windows closed will prevent further particles from getting inside the home, but it will deprive us of oxygen. It is recommended to air the rooms within a house at least once a day so that carbon dioxide is released and oxygen enters the home. However, airborne particles that can harm our health can also enter our house through the window, especially if you live in the city. If you smoke, the air in your home will become even more infused with toxic particles.

It is believed that some plants have the ability to cleanse the air, besides just oxygenating it. There is rather little scientific evidence to support this, but even so, there are more than enough supporters of this theory. According to some statements, there are a number of plants capable of cleaning the air by removing toxic particles. They act as filters, increasing the air’s purity while enriching its oxygen content. Among these plants, we can also find the lucky bamboo, which is a member of the palm family. Dracaena palm trees, which is a group that also includes the lucky bamboo, are supposed to be removing toxins coming from smocking cigarettes.

So, with a low degree of maintenance and not very many requirements to meet, lucky bamboos can become extraordinary house plants. Just bear in mind that they are toxic if consumed, so you should keep it away from pets and children that have a habit to chew on everything. Apart from this, the lucky bamboo will make your living environment more welcoming. Whether this plant can purify the air, this is a subject of discussion until further discoveries are made. But, concerning its ability to oxygenate the air, there’s no doubt about it. Green plants require carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. We can provide this gas on a constant basis, as we exhale it all the time. In return, green plants will offer oxygen, as this gas is exhaled by them as a result of their internal processes. Thus, if you want to enjoy more oxygen in your home, get a lucky bamboo.

You just need to bear in mind that the lucky bamboo needs to have green leaves in order to produce oxygen. This means that you’ll have to look for it and maintain it alive and green. If it loses its leaves or withers, it will no longer serve you and your home. So, offer it a good amount of natural light, but don’t expose it to direct sunlight. Make sure to water it properly and serve it a portion of fertilizer periodically. Lucky bamboo plants enjoy moisture, so a lack of water will make their leaves turn yellow. If you want a simpler method than potting a lucky bamboo plant, you can place it in a container with pebbles. The pebbles will provide enough support for its roots. If you do this, you will have to fill the container with water until the plant’s roots are fully covered. Also, replace the water in the container every two weeks with fresh water and add more water in the container if you notice that the roots are out. Ideally, when you replace the water, the roots of the plants should be washed as well. This will prevent mold from forming on their surface.

So, there are more than enough benefits for welcoming a lucky bamboo into your home. It will enrich the air with more oxygen and could even make it purer, more suitable for your health and well-being.

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