For lucky bamboo plant, Water or soil which one is better ?

For lucky bamboo plant Water or soil which one is better

When I first bought a lucky bamboo plant from a nearby shop, I was wandering why this plant is kept in a jar with water and pebbles in it and why not a potted with soil. First I thought maybe its to make it look more attractive but back of my mind I had this question and as soon as I reached home, I googled it to learn more about it. So below is what I found out then and would love to share with every bamboo tree lover out there.

For lucky bamboo plant Water or soil which one is better

Are you looking for a beautiful green plant that requires little attention and has the power to change the aspect of an entire room? Then you should definitely take a Lucky Bamboo into consideration. Lucky Bamboo plants are used, ever since ancient times, to remove negative energy from an enclosure and bring happiness and positive energy into one’s home. The Feng Shui practice has a multitude of uses for this plant, which is more than welcome in every household. But apart from the ability to cleanse a space from an energetic point of view, a Lucky Bamboo is a beautiful plant that will bring a room to life and calm you down with its gorgeous shade of green.

Taking care of a Lucky Bamboo plant is not difficult at all. You just need to find it a spot where it can enjoy a decent amount of natural light, water it periodically, and, ideally, giving it an adequate fertilizer. The fertilizer will provide the plant the nutrients it needs to maintain a good state of health, translated into strong leaves and bright green color and proper growth. Because the bamboo is not a sophisticated plant, you can grow it in a pot with soil or directly in water. Both versions are good if you dedicate a bit of time to make sure your plant has everything it needs.

If you want to place the plant in pure water, you will need a certain amount of pebbles for support. So, pick a container, even a transparent one if you like, place a small layer of pebbles on its bottom, position the plant in the container, and then fill it will pebbles. Just make sure to leave some space at the top of the container, without entirely filling it. Then add water to the container, making sure all the roots of the plants are submerged in water. In case you’re using tap water, you should allow it to sit in an open bottle or container for 24 hours, in order for the chlorine to evaporate from the water. Also, the water should be changed on a weekly basis, so that it won’t develop dangerous microorganisms. Using a proper fertilizer is necessary, as pure water does not provide everything your plant needs. A good indicator of the plant’s state of health is the red color of the roots.

Then there’s the traditional way of potting the plant in a container with soil mixture. You can find adequate soil mixture in any gardening soil. For best results, you should choose a soil that drains effectively and is sufficiently light for the roots to extend with ease. A potted plant should enjoy a damp, but not wet, soil. Thus, make sure the soil in the pot does not get completely dry between watering sessions. If you notice that the layer of soil at the surface is dry, you should water the plant with a small amount of water. Of course, don’t forget about periodic fertilizing.

Which of these methods works best for a Lucky Bamboo plant? Both of them are good as long as you respect the minimal set of requirements. In order to be healthy, a Lucky Bamboo plant will need light, water, and nutrients in order to thrive. Make sure the plant has all of these in adequate portions and you will enjoy a gorgeous bamboo around the clock. In terms of easiness, potting the plant is best, as you don’t need to change the water every week. So, in the end, we can say that it is a matter of personal preference.

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