How many bamboo stalks are needed for good luck

Some time back I came to know that no. of stocks in a bamboo tree can effect the type of blessing or good luck with provides, so I tried researching on it and below is the summary of what I found.

The Lucky Bamboo got its name from the fact that it was used in Feng Shui practices for bringing good luck, fortune, and blessings into one’s home and life. It is believed that the number of stalks of a Bamboo plant can bring positive aspects or negative aspects in one’s life. Besides the number of stalks, the positioning of the plant inside the home can also influence the energy found within, according to the Feng Shui theory. So, if you really want to enjoy good luck and blessings, you need to look for a Bamboo plant with an adequate number of stalks. Let us take a closer look at how many stalks a Bamboo plant should have in order to help you change your luck.

So How many bamboo stalks are lucky ? or  How many bamboo stalks are needed for good luck ?

How many bamboo stalks are needed for good luck

Below I have listed the number of stalks and the luck factor they are known for.

  • A Lucky Bamboo with 2 stalks

For the Chinese people, number 2 is actually a lucky number, in spite of the fact that in some cultures, pair numbers don’t enjoy the same popularity. But, in China, it is believed that good things come in pairs, this is why a Lucky Bamboo plant with 2 stalks is considered a good sign. In fact, such a Bamboo is often offered as a wedding gift or for good fortune for couples. So, besides good luck, 2 Lucky Bamboo plant with 2 stalks will also represent love and a good communion with your life partner. It is actually a bamboo plant that requires minimum effort and attention. If you’re looking for a green plant to enjoy in your home, a Lucky Bamboo can be the ideal choice.

  • A Lucky Bamboo with 6 stalks

If you’re looking to get blessed more often, you should do your best to find a Lucky Bamboo plant with 6 stalks. According to the Feng Shui beliefs, this number of stalks represents blessings, so this kind of plant should be present in every home out there. It what ways you will enjoy the blessings brought by a 6-stalk Bamboo plant? It is believed that this number of stalks will bring more happiness into your life and turn the odds in your favor. You will also enjoy more harmony in your home, finding easier to maintain a peaceful and calm atmosphere, as negative energy is cleansed more effectively.

Your professional life will also benefit from the blessings provided by this Bamboo, helping you enjoy a higher degree of success in your business and increase the achievement rate of your professional ventures. So, it would be a very good idea to have a Lucky Bamboo with 6 stalks in your office as well.

  • A Lucky Bamboo with 7 stalks

If number 2 is a lucky number of couples and a Bamboo with 2 stalks boosts love, number 7 is a lucky number that fits most people. The Chinese see number 7 as a very lucky number, due to the fact that the rainbow is made out of 7 colors and because there are 7 days within a week. If you really want to increase the amount of luck you enjoy on a daily basis, you should definitely look for a Lucky Bamboo with 7 stalks.

The presence of this plant in your home or office can help you close a project in a successful manner or reach the desired goals faster and easier. But, you should also know that 7 is seen as a number for togetherness, so this plant is suitable for couples looking to enjoy more love and success in their personal lives.

  • A Lucky Bamboo with 9 stalks

What better way to enjoy a more blessed life than by inviting God into your home? In the numerological beliefs of the Indian people, number 9 depicts the presence of God here on earth. This is why a Bamboo plant with 9 stalks is more than welcome for those looking to enhance their spiritual connection with the Creator and add more blessings into their daily lives. Besides blessings, this number is also believed to bring in good fortune, so you will have both of them around if you manage to find a Lucky Bamboo with 9 stalks.

  • A Lucky Bamboo with 11 stalks

If you just want to welcome more luck into your home or life, you definitely need a Bamboo plant with 11 stalks. This number of stalks are quite common among Lucky Bamboo plants because it makes the plant look rich and dense. The general belief, when it comes to 11 stalks, is that a plant with this many stalks will bring good luck in every chapter of your life. So, if you want more luck in everything, having such a Lucky Bamboo around will definitely help. Just make sure to place it inside the house according to the Feng Shui rules, to make sure you’ll feel the positive changes around you.

Now that you know how many stalks a Lucky Bamboo plant should have in order for you to enjoy more blessings and good luck in your life, it is worth knowing that there is a number you should avoid at all costs. We are talking about a Bamboo plant with 4 stalks. In the Chinese belief system, 4 stalks represent bad omens, tragedies, and even death. This is why this particular number is left out when numbering buildings that have considerable heights, to remove any chance of bad luck.

While it is rare to find a Lucky Bamboo with 4 stalks, it is not impossible, so you should pay attention to this aspect. Some stores that sell green plants, including Lucky Bamboo, may not be aware of these details and could sell Lucky Bamboo with 4 stalks. Also, you may receive it as a gift from someone ill-intended, someone that would like to see you suffer and be unhappy. So, even when receiving a Bamboo plant as a gift, you should carefully check the number of stalks it has. If you notice 4 stalks, don’t keep the plant around the house.

It is worth mentioning that you can also grow a Bamboo plant with proper care until it develops a high number of stalks. Apart from number 4, a Lucky Bamboo plant will always bring positive energy into your life, no matter how many stalks it has. Not to mention that its bright and lively green color will create a welcoming and calming atmosphere inside your home and office.

Still, if you don’t want to bother too much with growing a Lucky Bamboo, you can choose to get a plant with the desired number of stalks right from the start. Just make sure to respect the plant’s light, humidity, and temperature requirements if you want to enjoy its rich green color for longer.


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