What does lucky bamboo mean ? and Its Benefits and uses

The term “lucky bamboo” may somewhat be familiar to you, but do you really know what it is?
The Lucky Bamboo is actually a small bamboo plant, which was believed to bring good luck and fortune in ancient China. This is why this plant was placed in pots in certain parts of the house so that the family or house owner to enjoy the prosperity it brings, according to Feng Shui practices. So, the lucky bamboo is original from Africa and belongs to the Dracaena family. Its special appearance is due to the way it was cultivated. Specialists make sure that a Lucky Bamboo plant is an aesthetic addition to a home, besides its many benefits and uses.
What are the Benefits of Lucky Bamboo Plant?
In short, Lucky bamboo plant removes negative energy, brings wisdom brings happiness, a long and healthy life, and prosperity in one’s life.

Let us see in more detail how a Lucky Bamboo plant can improve the quality of our lives.
  1. It deflects negative energy where it is placed inside the home;
  1. It brings wisdom and peace into the home, and helps every person living inside the home enjoy them;
  1. The Lucky Bamboo allows the “spirit” of a person to fly free so that it can heal the entire being of that person, instead of being trapped in the mundane world.
  1. A home can enjoy both the benefits of a green Lucky Bamboo plant and wind chimes made out of bamboo, as the sound they make is soothing and calming.
  1. To get the most of an indoor arrangement with a Lucky Bamboo plant, you should try to bring together the 5 Feng Shui elements. They are wood, earth, water, fire, and metal. If wood, earth, and water can be easily interpreted in a plant arrangement, fire can be presented by a red ribbon tied to the pot and metal can be represented with the help of a coin or Buddha figurine made out of metal.
  1. To enjoy the benefits of a Lucky Bamboo plant, you should place it in the areas representing home and family or wealth and money inside your home. They are represented by special “bagua” areas.
  1. Different number of stalks in lucky bamboo plant are used for different purpose, for details on that you can check the other post “How many bamboo stalks are needed for good luck ? , but here i can tell you in brief. A Lucky Bamboo plant with 2 stalks will be used for love and marriage, representing a great addition for single people or those looking to start a family.
  1. A Lucky Bamboo plant with 3 stalks is the most popular type of plant, as it is believed it brings happiness, a long and healthy life, and prosperity in one’s life.
  1. Pay extreme attention to Lucky Bamboos with 4 stalks. These particular plants are rarely used, as it is believed that they actually represent a death wish, so they have nothing to do with good fortune and happiness.
  1. A Lucky Bamboo plant with 5 stalks will be used for promoting health, of the body, mind, and career as well. It has the power to improve the main aspects of life, so it is commonly found in many households.
  1. A Lucky Bamboo with 6 stalks is believed to attract prosperity and great opportunities that will generate more money. The same goes for the plant with 8 stalks, used for benefits in the wealth and abundance areas.
  1. A Lucky Bamboo with 9 stalks will bring good fortune in the house where it is placed and will improve the décor of the space with its bright green color.
  1. This plant has great decorative purposes and requires little maintenance. It prefers areas with sufficient natural light and enjoys damp soil as often as possible. So, watering it with regularity will allow it to maintain its beauty and grow healthy.
  1. It can be a great plant for aquariums, although it is recommended for its leaves to be outside the water. A Lucky Bamboo plant can be easily kept in water alone, not just in the soil, and it will grow well. In aquariums, it will be able to feed on the debris generated by fish and will oxygenate the water.
  1. It can be used for its energetic benefits both at home and at the office, depending on where one needs its presence.
  1. It is believed that the plant’s hollow structure of the stems is the one that manages to channel the Chi energy in a proper manner. Because the Chi energy is positive energy, the plant can turn it into luck and prosperity.
  1. It allows the energy to flow from within into the outside world, creating a peaceful and calm environment.
  1. In the living room, it is best to place a Lucky Bamboo plant in the east or southeast corner, Ideally, it should be placed on a coffee table, sofa table, or end table with a square shape, as it lifts the Chi energy in the room and allows it to move freely.
  1. In the kitchen, a Lucky Bamboo should be placed in the center of the table, as it attracts double the amount of energy. In this place of the house, the plant will bring abundance in the family. If a mirror is placed to reflect the plant, the abundance will be doubled.
  1. Placed in the east or southeast corners of a kitchen, a Lucky Bamboo plant can also bring happiness into the household. Great spots would be on the fridge or cabinets, where Chi energy may form pools and stagnate.
  1. In an office, a Lucky Bamboo plant with 6 stalks is most recommended, as it promotes wealth. Find the east or southeast corner of your working desk and place the plant there.
  1. In case you are looking for recognition or fame, then the Lucky Bamboo plant should be placed on the south section of the desk, in an office.
  1. You can also use your Kua Number to find the best directions for placing a Lucky Bamboo plant. A Feng Shui specialist can help you determine this particular number or you can find the formula on the Internet.
  1. Lucky Bamboo should be used in bathrooms as well, as wastewater in these rooms generates negative energy. Placing the plant on a shelf over the toilet is a good step to remove negative energies. Ideally, the plant should have a clay pot, as the earth element represented by the pot will destroy wastewater.
  1. It is not recommended to place a Lucky Bamboo plant in the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the yang energy generated by this plant is too powerful for a room that should be dedicated to rest and relaxation. In fact, it is recommended to avoid placing any kind of plants in the bedroom.
  1. Offering a Lucky Bamboo plant as a gift will increase the luck of the person receiving the gift. So, it can be a great gift to someone you love or care about.
  1. It is worth knowing that a Lucky Bamboo plant will always grow toward light, so its stems can be trained and used for the creation of interesting shapes.
  1. Use the meaning of the plant’s number of stems and use them around your house to generate the desired type of energy.
  1. For best results, make sure to arrange the Lucky Bamboo plant with all the 5 elements of Feng Shui. If the plant isn’t already arranged that way, you can make the arrangement yourself, by utilizing the right kind of elements.
  1. In order to get continuous benefits from your Lucky Bamboo plant, you should make sure it stays green. Dying plants will negatively impact the Feng Shui in a home. So make sure it is watered periodically and gets a good amount of light.
  1. If you want to use tap water for your Lucky Bamboo plant, allow it to sit overnight, so the chloride and fluoride will evaporate until the next day. This way, the water becomes safer for the plant.
  1. Choose a pot that is 2 inches larger than the plant itself, offering it sufficient space for its root system to develop in a healthy manner.
  1. Never place a Lucky Bamboo plant in the direct action of the sun’s light. This can lead to sunburns for the plant’s leaves, especially during hot summer months. So, the plant should either enjoy a bit of sunlight early in the morning or late in the afternoon, or be placed in an area where it gets light, but the sun rays cannot reach it.
  1. If the plant shows yellow leaves, they should be trimmed with the help of scissors. The plant should look healthy and green at all times, in order for it to generate the desired kind of energy. Just make sure the scissors are clean and disinfected before you perform such an operation.
  1. Water the plant, when you notice that the container is empty or the soil in the pot starts to look dry. Just make sure not to overdo it, making the plant to sit in a puddle of water. In the case of Lucky Bamboo plants that are placed in a container with rocks, instead of soil, water should be changed on a weekly basis. It is important for the plant to enjoy clean water at all times.
  1. When you don’t know what kind of gift you can offer to someone, a pot with a Lucky Bamboo plant can be the ideal gift. Choose the right number of stems for the person and show him or her how to position the plant in the house for best results.

Luck bamboo plan benifits

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