Where should we keep lucky bamboo at home ?

Sometime back I was trying to find which place and direction is the best to keep lucky bamboo plant. So below I have summarised everything I learnt so far.

So Where should we keep lucky bamboo at home ?

Choosing the right place and direction for bamboo plant matters , according to Feng Shui, the energy flows in a specific manner inside your home. This flow depends on how the home is made and what kind of elements you have around it, like furniture, windows, mirrors, and so on. So, if you want to amplify positive energy and make Feng Shui work for you, you need to know how to position a Lucky Bamboo.

Where should we keep lucky bamboo at home

If you want to enjoy a higher level of good luck, success, fortune, prosperity, happiness, and other positive things in your life, choose the location of your Lucky Bamboo well. The place you will choose to position a Lucky Bamboo can amplify positive energy and help you enjoy a better life day after day.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is best to position a Lucky Bamboo plant in the East or South-East, for best results. For this, you will have to determine these cardinal signs inside your home. If you want to enjoy more health and protect the entire family against illnesses and physical discomforts, you should place a Lucky Bamboo plant in the East. If it is wealth and money that interest you the most, then you should choose South-East as the best position for your Bamboo plant. If you do this, you should be able to attract more money and fortune into your life.

The same Feng Shui states that items with corners prevent positive energy from flowing properly around the house. So, if you want to improve the flow, you should choose to place a Bamboo plant on the corner of a coffee table, for example. Due to its corners, the coffee table may not allow positive energy to run around the house right, as it creates Chi blockages. The Lucky Bamboo plant helps by helping the Chi energy to rise above the coffee table and run freely around your house, so you can sense and enjoy it better.

For more abundance, you can choose to position a Bamboo plant in the center of your dinner table. Besides creating a pleasant atmosphere in the dining room, a Bamboo plant positioned in the center of the table will not just attract positive energy, but will also double it. The plant helps with boosting the abundance in this location because the dinner table is considered to be a place where abundance manifests. If you want to double this abundance, besides placing a Lucky Bamboo in the middle of the table, you can also add a mirror to reflect the plant, which will double the effect it generates.

In case you should like to enjoy more happiness, it is worth knowing that you could get it by placing a Lucky Bamboo in the kitchen. Ideally, your kitchen should be located in the east or south-east section of your home. If this is the case, you should definitely place a Lucky Bamboo in your kitchen because the direction is just right. But, even in the kitchen, you should also choose the east or south-east corner to place the plant, to maximize its potential. For the kitchen, you should choose Lucky Bamboo plants with 3, 5, or 7 stalks, as they represent health, happiness, and long life. You can position the Lucky Bamboo on top of a refrigerator or cabinet, as it is believed that Chi energy pools in this area and the plant can help it unblock it. The center of a kitchen table is also a good location for a Lucky Bamboo.

You also need to know that you can use Lucky Bamboo to purify some rooms, like the bathroom. The bathroom is a room usually charged with negative energy, due to the sewage waters, dirt, and grime that accumulates in this area. By placing a green plant in the bathroom, which represents the “wood” symbol, you can clean the wastewater generated in this area. If it is possible, put your Bamboo plant over the toilet, on a shelf. You can also use an arrangement with Bamboo behind the toilet, for the same purification purposes. For even better results, use a clay pot for the Bamboo plant you’re looking to use in the bathroom, as clay represents “earth”, which also helps with water purification.

While a Lucky Bamboo plant can be used in most rooms inside your home, you should avoid placing it in the bedroom. You may think that this is actually a good idea, but Feng Shui will tell you it is not. According to Feng Shui, the Yang energy generated by live green plants is ideal for boosting positive energy in rooms where you spend the day. But, for the bedroom, this energy is way too strong and will prevent you from enjoying proper rest. So, you should not have any kind of plants in the bedroom, as you won’t be able to relax well or rest.

You can also use a Lucky Bamboo plant in the east corner of your office, to attract success and prosperity in business. Again, for enhancing positive energy around your office, use the east or south-east corner of your working desk when positioning a Lucky Bamboo. To enjoy more wealth and prosperity in your professional life, you should opt for a Lucky Bamboo with 6 stalks, as the ideal plant for decorating your office.

Depending on the results you want to generate in your life, choose the best location for a Lucky Bamboo plant in your home. Just don’t forget to respect the rules of Feng Shui as well, if you really want to reap the benefits of having such a plant around.

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