Why are Lucky Bamboo plant leaves turning yellow?

Few years back I was really searching everywhere the reason why my bamboo tree leaves were turning yellow and eventually the whole plant will turn yellow. I have tried many ways out and purchased that green liquid(fertilizer) in small bottles which was suppose to nourish my bamboo tree but nothing was of any use. So below are my findings that I would love to share with you.

So why bamboo plant turning yellow?

Bamboo plants need clean air and surroundings , adequate water and light(not direct sun light) and the most important thing I found was that the leaves start turning yellow if we fill too much water in the flask in which bamboo plant is kept. Try filling the water only up till the roots of the plant even little less is better so that the roots can get fresh air as well. Generally I fill water which is covering 95% of the roots and this helps a lot. Also you can try changing the position/location of plant and keep plant in room which is well ventilated.

Sorry my jar is not much clean , but i intentionally kept it so that you can clearly view the previous line where i used to fill the water earlier and my new water line which is lower and roots getting fresh air from top.

Why bamboo leaves turning yellow ?

Bamboo plants or Lucky Bamboo as they are also known, are beautiful green plants that can easily decorate any indoor space. They can also be placed outdoors if the weather and environmental conditions are favorable for this plant. As requirements, the Bamboo plants don’t have too many. Thus, it is not difficult to take good care of it and enjoy its gorgeous and lively green color. It likes natural light, but not being exposed to direct sunlight, as it may get burned during hot summer days. It also appreciates water as soon as the soil in its pot appears to be dry. It is good to know that you can also grow a Bamboo plant in a container with stones, as long as you make sure to give the plant sufficient water at all times. Using adequate fertilizer for green plants can also help your Bamboo plant grow healthy.

But, even if it easy to look after a Bamboo plant, there are cases in which the plant will not look so happy. Such a situation would be when its leaves are turning yellow. Most certainly you are wondering why this is happening and what can you do to restore the plant’s beautiful green color. In the following lines, you will learn all about the causes that can trigger the appearance of yellow leaves in a Lucky Bamboo plant and what to do to stop the phenomenon and improve the aspect of your plant.

Why are Lucky Bamboo plant leaves turning yellow?

If you notice that your Lucky Bamboo plant is growing yellow leaves or some of the plant’s existent leaves start to get yellow, you should know that there is a problem with your plant. Some of its requirements may not be met or there are issues with some factors of its environment. So, the leaves can turn yellow due to several causes.

First, you need to know that the bamboo plant grows in lush rainforests in Africa and southeast Asia, where it can easily thrive in conditions of low light and rather high humidity. When the environment of the plant, when it is grown indoors, get too far from its basic needs, the plant may show its unhappiness through yellow leaves. But, in order to find the cause that is making your Bamboo plant go yellow, you need to know all the causes that can trigger this aspect and see which one fits best in your case.

Yellow leaves with brown tips may indicate the fact that the Bamboo plant is not getting sufficient water. The brow tips may appear on green leaves as well, so you should pay more attention to water your plant adequately. Check the soil in the plant’s pot and water the plant when the surface of the soil gets dry. If you are keeping your Bamboo plant in a container with stones, the container should be transparent, so you can see the level of the water inside the container. Ideally, the roots of the plants should be submerged in water. If they stand out of water for too long, the plant will grow thirsty and will start to whiter. Also, in this case, you should change the water in the container every two weeks, in order to avoid fungus and mold to grow inside the container.

This problem can also appear when the plant is not getting sufficient nutrients from its environment. Considering that the Bamboo plant is grown in a container, the amount of nutrients available in the container is limited. In order to give your plant the chance to grow healthy leaves and stems, you should feed it periodically. If you don’t find special fertilizers for Lucky Bamboo, you can use a fertilizer adequate for all green plants. You can find this type of products in garden stores and they should be used as indicated on the package, by the product’s manufacturer.

Like any other plant, the Bamboo plant will also need sunlight to grow and unroll its natural processes. But, both insufficient light and overexposure to sunlight can lead to leaves turning yellow. When light is not enough, the plant can’t feed and grow right, so besides yellow leaves, it may also have rare leaves and a thin stem. When the plant gets too much direct sunlight, it can easily get burned, so the leaves will easily turn yellow. The plant can stand direct sunlight, but only early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun’s rays are not that strong. Also, make sure you don’t place your plant in a cold area or under an AC system, as Bamboos love a warm environment.

How do you get rid of yellow bamboo leaves?

When your Lucky Bamboo plant gets yellow leaves, there is only one solution that will help you get rid of them. Unfortunately, you will have to cut them down with a pair of scissors. Once a leaf turned yellow or brown, there’s nothing you can do about it, as it is already dead. So, the only solution, in this case, is to completely remove it from the plant. Make sure that the pair of scissors you are about to use is sharp enough and sterilized. Sterilization is necessary in order to avoid infections or giving the plant any diseases.

It’s worse when the stems of the plant turn yellow. When only the leaves are yellow and the stem remains green, your plant has good chances of being saved. But when there are stems going yellow, the problem is severe and you risk losing the entire plant. Yellow stems are already dying, so you can’t save those. What you can do is to try and save the rest of the plant, if there are still green stems available. If possible, try to remove the yellow stems from the Bamboo arrangement you have. If not, cut the yellow stems, with a sharp knife or pair of scissors as much as needed in order to make sure that the disease will not spread to the rest of the plant.

Can yellow bamboo leaves turn green again?

Unfortunately, as you just found out, yellow leaves cannot be restored to a green color ever again. This is because yellow leaves are already dead and it is impossible to revive them. In order to restore the plant’s healthy look, yellow leaves must be cut. But, at the same time, you need to find the cause that made the leaves to turn yellow in the first place. If you don’t do this and you just remove the yellow leaves, other leaves will continue turning yellow and the whole plant can get sick and die.

Check the possible causes that are responsible for leaves turning yellow and see which one is causing your plant so much trouble. Make sure your Lucky Bamboo plant gets sufficient water and nutrients in a periodic manner. It should also enjoy a sufficient amount of natural light, but not direct sunlight. The plant should also enjoy a safe and rather warm area, and not be exposed to cold temperatures. During the summer, you can place the plant on the patio or terrace, as long as you don’t place it under direct sunlight. Just make sure to bring the plant inside once temperatures get rather cold, especially during the night, if you live in an area with cold winters.

How do I care for my indoor bamboo plant and prevent the appearance of yellow leaves for Bamboo plants ?

Taking proper care of your Bamboo plant will keep you and the plant away from unwanted and unaesthetic yellow leaves. If you just acquired a Lucky Bamboo plant and you want to make sure it thrives, there are some simple rules you need to follow. Keep these rules in mind and you’ll have a gorgeous plant that will create a beautiful indoor space.

1. Choose an adequate container for your Lucky Bamboo

Even if you keep it in the container you bought it with, your Bamboo plant will start to develop and will need more space for its roots. You can choose between placing it in a container with pebbles or plant it in a pot with soil. A universal type of soil for potted plants will do, as long as it is soft enough to allow the roots to expand properly. It may be a good choice to opt for a wider pot, instead of a deeper one.

2. Water it right

Bamboo plants love damp soil, especially when temperatures outside are high. Once you notice that the soil at the surface is dry, give your plant water. During hot summer days, you can spray the leaves with water, helping them plant to cool down a little. Bamboo plants placed in containers with pebbles should have their water replaced every two weeks.

3. Give the plant proper nutrients

A plant can’t grow without nutrients, so you should make sure your Bamboo plant receives nutrients on a periodic basis. Just follow the recommendations on the fertilizer’s label for correct use. Before purchasing the fertilizer, make sure it is adequate for being used on Bamboo plants.

4. Place it in an area where it can get sufficient light

Find a location for your bamboo plant where it can enjoy a sufficient amount of light, without being exposed to direct sunlight. You can even place it on the terrace, in a shaded corner, when temperatures during the night are sufficiently warm.

how to care for lucky bamboo plant and prevent yellow leaves

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